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Fujian Quanzhou Fuhai Grain and Oil Reclamation Project

Project NameFujian Quanzhou Fuhai Grain and Oil Reclamation Project
Project LocationFujian, ChinaEngineering Costs19.7 million yuan
Start timeOctober, 2002Completion timeDecember, 2003
OwnerQuanzhou Fuhai Grain and Oil Co., Ltd.(ADM Corporation of the United States invests)
DesignCCCC Third Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd. Xiamen Branch
SupervisoryShanghai Hudong Harbor Supervision Co., Ltd.
Project Overview

The project is invested and constructed by ADM Grain and Oil Co., Ltd., including land reclamation, oil depot infrastructure, and supporting port terminals.

The method of quarrying, riprap, and squeezing silt for filling includes three types of protective surface structures: block stones, T blocks, and dolosse. Concrete revetment is installed on the top of the embankment, completing 600,000 cubic meters of blocks filling, 850,000 cubic meters of soil filling, and 12,000 precast dolosse.

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