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About Us

Welcome to Tianyuan Cement

Tianyuan is a manufacturer of Accropodes, Dolosse, Tetrapods, Interlocking blocks, etc.. We insists on the strategic policy of "being precise and specialized" and offer 4 kinds of services. 

Our services:

  1. Sale of concrete products and steel molds of accropodes, dolosse, tetrapods, hollow squares and interlocking blocks, etc..

  2. Lease of corresponding molds of concrete products.

  3. Breakwater protection engineering and one-stop service of interlocking blocks.

  4. Mold customization service of dolosse.

Our advantages:

  1. Cost-effective steel material. We use steel plates from big companies with strong wear and corrosion resistance which are cheaper in China.

  2. Easy to demould because of reasonable design which can be omitted with only a pry bar to save labor costs.

  3. Precise joint processing without mortar leakage or corner shedding, saving repair labor and material costs.

  4. Detachable steel mold components with tight loading space and low long-distance transportation costs.

  5. All steel molds produced in the same batch have precise and unified dimensions, and are not afraid of disruptions and can be matched without checking numbers.

  6. Each product has a unique identification code that can be pursued.

Now the company's performance spreads to Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other coastal provinces and cities in China. The interlocking block business also extends to mainland to Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui and other along the Yangtze River, with professional business skills, service quality assurance and continuous expansion of service scope. 

The company has existing equipment with an annual capacity of 1 million square meters of interlocking blocks, equipped with internationally advanced mechanical paving equipment. We have more than 1,000 sets of accropode molds with various specifications from 1~25 tons.  Meanwhile, we have the resource capacity of mobilizing more than 3000 sets of steel molds in a short period of time. We have sufficient machinery and equipment, with more than 20 sets of 2~35 ton transfer forklifts, several sets of mixers, transport tankers and crawler crane equipment. We have an annual prefabricated concrete capacity of 500,000 cubic meters and an installation capacity of over 2 million tons of surface protection block lifting. 

The company has a perfect scientific quality management system. The quality of our products is leading in China. And we have our own machinery and equipment, and the comprehensive cost is controlled properly. We are committed to providing cost-effective products and services to our customers with integrity, win-win cooperation and comprehensive strength. Welcome to visit, guide and business negotiation!

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