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Jiangsu Datang Lvsi Power Plant Embankment Project

Project NameJiangsu Datang Lvsi Power Plant Embankment Project
Project LocationJiangsu, ChinaEngineering Costs145 million yuan
Start timeDecember, 2003Completion timeOctober, 2004

Jiangsu Datang Lvsigang Power Generation Co., Ltd.

DesignShanghai Waterway Engineering Design and Consulting Co., Ltd.
SupervisoryShanghai Donghua Supervision Office
Project Overview

The preliminary project of reclaiming land from the sea at Datang Power Plant.

The design standard for the embankment is based on a 200-year return period and the construction of a Category 12 typhoon. The embankment body is made of mud filled pipe bags, with a bottom width of 80 meters, a top width of 8 meters, and a height of 6 meters. The seaward side is equipped with grouted blocks and a wave barrier plate protective structure, and the top of the embankment is paved with asphalt.

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