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The Advantages of Tianyuan Steel Moulds

Jul. 19, 2023

10 Advantages of Tianyuan Steel Moulds:

  1. Good steel plate material. Selection of steel plate from large factories, strong abrasion and corrosion resistance, good quality.

  2. Reasonable design, easy to demold, only need crowbar, jack can be omitted, save labor costs.

  3. Spliced seam processing precision, no slurry leakage, no losing angle. The finished product appearance is beautiful, but also save the cost of repair labor and materials.

  4. Steel mold components can be disassembled, tight loading space, low cost of long-distance transportation.

  5. All the steel molds produced in the same batch are accurate in size, uniform size, no fear of disruption, no need to find the right number to match.

  6. The inner side is finely polished and the outer surface is rounded, which does not hurt the workers, and it is very humanized with fine workmanship.

  7. Each product has a unique identification code, can be traced, warranty services are provided.

  8. After the project finished, Tianyuan's steel mold can be recycled at a high price or help rent the steel molds in China for free, matching the rent-seeking party to rent the steel mold to earn idle period rent.

  9. Timyuan is a high-tech enterprise, good credit, delivery guarantee, contract and trustworthy.

  10. Professional wave elimination block prefabrication for 30 years. We have strong technical business support, late labor, mold release agent, screws and other accessories resources docking, value-added services.

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